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5 on 5 Men's Basketball League                                                                                              

2017 Fall Basketball League

Stats & Standings



2013 Spring Basketball League Champions (Top Shottas)

2014 Spring Basketball League Champions (Renegades)

2014 Winter Basketball League Champions (Well Fit Ministry)                 

2014 Fall Basketball League Champions (Dragons)

2015 Winter Basketball League Champions (The Gentleman's Barbershop)          

2015 Spring Basketball League Champions (Renegades)

2015 Fall Basketball League Champions (The Gentleman's Barbershop)

2016 Winter Basketball League Champions (Renegades)

2016 Spring Basketball League Champions (Justice League)

2016 Fall Basketball League Champions (The Gentleman's Barbershop)

2017 Winter Basketball Champions (The Gentleman's Barbershop)

2017 Spring Basketball Champions (21 Dunk Street)

2017 Fall Basketball Champions (22 Dunk Street)

Volleyball League Information                                                                                                                             


2018 Winter Volleyball Leagues

Women's League Information

Power League Information

Competitive Church League Information

Men's Quads League Information





2017 Fall Power League Champions (Swat Team)

2017 Winter Quad's League Champions (Swat Team)

2017 Winter Power League Champions (Hit Happens)

2017 Winter Power League Champions (Swat Team)

2016: Swat Team ; Hit Happens ; Swat Team

2015: Boom Boom Sauce ; Hit Happens

2014: Boom Boom Sauce ;  Boom Boom Sauce

2013: Monster Cookies

6 on 6 Flag Football Information                                                                                                                                                   

Flag Football


Next Tournament Coming Soon!







2013 Fall Flag Football Tournament Champions (The Swag)

2014 Summer Flag Football League Champions (Bury Boyz)

2015 Summer Flag Football League Champions (Bury Boyz)

2016 Summer Flag Football League Champions (Wolves of Ball Street)

2016 Fall Flag Football Tournament Champions (DJ Linde)

Cornhole League

League Information

League Standings

Bubble Ball Open Nights!



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